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What if I am under 18 for booking ?
Many economy and discount fares are not refundable. Most airlines allow changes, including name and date, subject to a fee or give partial refunds. These fees vary from airline and fare type. In almost all cases the airline and Delighted Tours & Travels (DT TRAVEL) will both charge fees to amend or cancel any booking.If you would like the fare rules for a specific flight or airline, please request this from us prior to booking by phoning 02 8958 6749 DT TRAVEL during business hours or e-mail
What about change or cancellation fee ?
All changes including but not limited to, Flight, Date, Itinerary or Passenger Name change or Cancellation before ticketing will incur a minimum $140 per passenger will apply plus any airline fees or fare difference. All changes should be requested by email or calling directly at office. No change or charge will be made unless requested e-mail or phone from you until after you confirm the change by replying to our e-mail or by phone with acceptance.
What about refund policy ?
If a refund is requested DT Travels will apply to the airline for this refund on your behalf. All DT Travels charges including any credit card processing fees and airline commissions are not refundable. The amount of refund to you will be the actual amount we receive from the airline, less our fees as described above. This will be refunded to your credit card. If you paid by Debit card please advise us and supply your bank details. Please note some debit cards cannot be refunded. We cannot be held responsible for a refund made to a debit card that does not support refunds, if you have not advised us. Any estimate we may give you, as to the actual amount of refund you will get and how long it will take, is our best assessment and not guaranteed till the actual refund is received by us from the airline.
Credit Card Usage
By selecting Credit Card as a means of payment you confirm your agreement to the following conditions. If you make any payment by Credit or debit Card a third-party supplier fee may apply. If for any reason any travel service provider, including airlines, does not provide the services and or flights, which you have booked and paid for, including but not limited to the grounding or insolvency of the Airline or travel provider, the liability is against that provider, and not against DT TRAVELS If payment for the service was made to DT TRAVELS by credit card, by accepting these booking conditions, you agree that you will not seek to charge back your credit card payment. In the event, you do charge back to your credit card for any reason whatsoever where we had to pay an Airline or travel provider on your behalf including but not limited to any double or duplicate booking made by you where we have suffered a loss as a result of this chargeback. We reserve the right to recover this debt from you by handing this over to a debt collection agency and or lawyer for collection. You may also be liable for any legal or collection cost. You agree to us obtaining specified by you (either credit card or bank). Our liability is limited to the full amount of money received from you. In the case of non-IATA or low cost carriers, these airlines do not allow fares to be held, and the same rules apply as if the booking had expired. Please deposit or transfer as soon as possible to avoid expired quotes. With direct bank deposits these are limited to teller electronic transfer or cash deposit. Cheque deposits not accepted.
BPay Or Bank Transfer Payments
Only accepted for flights booked at least 7 days from booking date on most major international carriers e.g. Qantas, Air New Zealand and hundreds of other IATA airlines. The booking will be placed on a HOLD until payment is received or the ticket deadline is reached. We will not issue the ticket until we receive cleared funds into our account. Banks have different clearing time for internet banking transfers, ranging from a few minutes up to 48 Hours and possibly longer on weekends. Please see the information provided on the bank you selected. On direct over the counter transfers or cash deposits this is normally instant with all banks. If we do not receive payment by the time the booking expires on the GDS (airline booking platform) the booking will automatic cancelled. You can check the status of your booking pre-and post-payment on using the PNR reference number provided. If we receive payment after the fare has expired we will attempt to rebook at the same fare and issue. If that fare is no longer available we will call or e-mail you with options. If we cannot find a suitable option that you are prepared to accept we will immediately refund your payment in full with no deductions to an account.
What if any mistakes by DT employees ?
In the event of an error by an employee of DT TRAVELS this must be reported within 24 hours of you receiving the confirmation, itinerary or e-tickets, or immediately in the case where travel is within the next 48 hours, and the passenger can demonstrate that the correct details were supplied and the error was made by DT TRAVELS to our satisfaction, then and only then will our responsibility be limited to paying the cost imposed by the airline involved to affect the name change on the ticket. We will not at any time be responsible for any associated or incidental costs, including but not limited to missed flights, hotels, ground transport, loss of deposits or delays. For paper tickets issued so that upon check-in at the airport all you need is to present government-issued photo identification: for domestic flights, you will need an Australian driver's license, for international flights you will need a passport. Children between 2 and 11 can use a Medicare card with their name on it for Domestic flights but must have a Passport for International flights. Airlines sometimes reject confirmed reservations up to two days after the booking was made and confirmed by the airline. This does not happen often, in the unlikely event of your booking is rejected by the airline. We will do our best to find a viable alternative for you, and contact you with all available options. If you are not happy with any alternatives proposed. We will immediately refund your credit card in full. We cannot be held liable for any increase in fare or any other loss whatsoever. Our maximum liability is the actual amount paid by you to us.
Schedule Changes means ?
Airlines often change schedules and your flight departure time could change at any time. It is your responsibility to check for any schedule changes least 24 hours before your flight departure time. This can be done for most international and major airlines by visiting and entering your reference number and surname. If you are unable to verify your schedule, please call or visit the airlines website directly. DT TRAVELS will not be responsible for any missed flights due to schedule changes.
What happens if I missed my Flights ?
We will not be responsible for any loss as a result of a missed flight, arriving at the incorrect airport or terminal, or denied boarding for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, arriving late, not having the required visas or under the influence of alcohol. It is your responsibility to be at the airport by check-in time and to have the correct visas required.
What about the luggage allowance ?
Many airlines do not offer a free luggage allowance and charge for each bag checked. If you are traveling on a low-cost carrier, or any American domestic flight, these flights usually charge extra for luggage. Please check the airline website, as we may not have up-to-date information on all airlines. In most cases, it is cheaper to pre-pay for luggage on these carriers than to pay at the airport. Please check your booking conformation to see what the luggage allowance is or contact us by email or phone. If no luggage information is provided please check the airline website. Carry-on bag allowance varies from airline to airline. Please check this prior to travel. If unsure please visit the airline website. In the case of domestic carriers abroad please visit the airline website. If you are unsure please call DT TRAVELS and we will be happy to assist you
Important Information*
All matters relating to complying with the laws and regulations of all immigration authorities are solely your responsibility. We recommend before travelling you check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for any applicable travel advisories relevant to your booking. Their website is located at: . Please note that government legislation prohibits the carriage of dangerous goods on aircraft. To view what these are and what is permissible to carry please go to: . Travel insurance is highly recommended and is designed to protect you if your travels are disrupted by unforeseen circumstances such as an accident in a rental car, medical emergencies, lost luggage, personal liability and cancellation of travel arrangements. Visit the insurance section on our website to find out more or purchase travel insurance if you have not already done so as part of your booking. Passport. A reminder if you are travelling overseas it is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport and visa where required. To assist you, both in determining whether you require a visa and the processing of your application online, please go to: If you are travelling overseas, some countries will not allow you to enter without proof of a return or onward electronic or paper ticket. Airline check-in staff at your point of origin may deny boarding you. If you proceed to book a one-way ticket please ensure you have checked with the Consulate of the country you are traveling to and ensure that you comply with their laws and regulations.